I usually find happiness in the tiniest of things.

I always remember laying on the grass in my backyard.A summer day and rain.A perfect combination.

I was looking at the sky while my body was covered in warm raindrops.The sky was crying,pouring all of its tears on me,giving me an escape from reality,a dimension I want so much to ignore.

I was then one with the earth,longing for the skies.

Pure bliss.

 a new year

For my first blog,i was thinking to write something happy,full of hope,some goals that i’d like to accomplish…something encouraging.

But that’s not who i am.

I feel scared.For this new year,for the changes it will bring. 2018 might be the most challenging year so far,and even if i’m terrified,i can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.

Have you ever wanted a new life? So you can really start over? Well,i had.For many years. And i think this new year the change is finally happening.

I kept wondering if i would be ready for it,but i’ve come to the conclusion that you are never really ready for what life has to offer,even if you know what’s coming.
Until my next post,

take care and enjoy every moment 

(i took this pic last year in Budapest)